○ Please contact us once after giving birth.

○ Please copy and send this Thank you for your reservation.


Before shooting, I usually call you while looking at this before shooting, but I would like to ask you to exchange via email or line because of my lack of English.

[Basic Question]


Request from andmore

andmore cannot last without your help. I would be happy if you could cooperate.


○ ×


■ Using baby photo samples (such as Instagram posting) ¥5000Discount:


■ Family photo sample use:


If you are a family sample OK Please tell me who your family is NG (ex daddy NG):


If you want to tag from andmore, please tell us your account:

Request from andmore


■ I'm glad if you can tag Instagram. @ andmore.photography


■ facebook I would be happy if you could fill in and share your review!


■ Name:

■ Desired shooting date (Saturday / Holiday +5000 yen / Closed on Sunday):

■ Phone number:

■ Desired shooting time AM / PM:

◎AM :Arrival by 8:30 in the morning

◎PM:  I will head as soon as morning shooting is over



■ Shooting address (Please fill in the apartment name):

■ Where did you know about andmore?

[About receiving data]

■  If you want a download link (free):

 ■ If you want Buffalo USB8G (1700 yen):


[About the day of shooting]

■ Do you have a lace curtain? :

■ Are there curtains that can be shielded from light? :

■ Chair with backrest or baby cot (with or without a place where you can tie a string):

■ I will come by car.
Is there guest parking?:

(If there is no parking lot, we will park at the coin parking.)


[About the plan]

■ Baby gender:

■ Shooting plan:

■ Shooting menu:

(Basic plan: choose 2from group A/ 1from group B from here https://www.andmore.design/photoimages



Desired color / image

■ BOX shooting Color:

■ Fabric photography Color:

■ Bed shooting: Color:

■ Potato Sack Shooting: Please choose from two colors (pink / off-white)

■ Fur shooting(baby-pink/rose-pink/ivory/white/sky-blue) :

■ Petal photography: Please choose from 3 colors (pink / light blue / ivory / brown):

■ Futon(Blancket) shooting: Desired color:



[Others] If you have anything else, please fill in: